The main focus of Senior Care Advisors is to help individuals and families understand the health care system and how to access the community resources that are available in the area. We will provide advice, support, information and guidance to assist you with caring for your aging loved one.

Senior Care Advisors is a tailored service geared towards your individual circumstance. It could include information about finding services to help your aging family member live independently in their own home, it could include information on how to go about decluttering a home or downsizing – or even making an application for a nursing home. 


It could be to assist with facilitating family discussions when there are differing opinions between family members, to learning about how to help a loved one live with Dementia, or understanding the Power of Attorney process.

Senior Care Advisors will come to you to better understand your individual situation. We will help clarify your needs and concerns, and develop realistic solutions. 

Allow us to share with you the services and resources in your area – specifically suited to your situation, your culture, your family. Being able to properly care for yourself or an aging loved one in this moment may prevent future stress, may prevent hospitalization and may allow you or your loved one to remain living in their home.

Caring for an elderly or disabled person is not always a simple task, especially for those in the sandwich generation who are striving to balance their work commitments, raising a family and ensuring their aging loved one is safe and well cared for. Caregivers normally want to help, but often don’t know where to start and usually, don’t have the time to try and figure out where to start. This is when Senior Care Advisors can help.

However, Senior Care Advisors is not just for adult caregivers. Our services are valuable to any individual who wishes to further their knowledge about resources available to seniors, and for those who wish to prepare for the future.

Senior Care Advisors is a culturally sensitive company geared to helping you discover how to better care for your aging family member and/or yourself.